“We are firm believers that children thrive when given responsibility, they feel valued and appreciated. This equipment will give our children the responsibility whilst being as safe as they can be. The staff are as keen as the children to use the equipment and some amazing works of art have already been produced. To my knowledge there is nothing else on the market that is like this and the fact that it is being developed, marketed and produced by two such inspirational people make it and them award worthy!” – Manager of Swineshead Pre-school


“I cannot thank T4Kids enough for the wonderful kit. Every consideration has been made to cover my Ofsted Action Plan. The creators really understand the challenges woodworking presents to Early Years providers.” – Manager of New View Nursery

“We set this all up and took our time in reading the risk assessments. I then spent some time watching the online videos and showed the staff these during one of our meetings. All parents received some information also. We have started to use this with the children and so far they all love it. We are fortunate enough to have an area that we can keep this out in a separate room. One of the children even commented that is was better than her grandfathers house (He is a carpenter).
Was well worth the money". – Manager Ghanshyam Education Trust


Feedback on our T4Kids workwear –

“Really helped in setting boundaries and safety rules.......love the overall design and brightness......really good quality safety glasses.....like hanging tab on tabards.....love logo......overall we love the product” – Headteacher Hornsea Nursery School

"We had always wanted to try one of these with the children and they have really enjoyed the set. I cannot express enough how well thought out this woodwork set is. Every area of risk has been thought about including a risk guide for practitioners and DVD. It is portable and can be used indoors and outdoors. The clamping board is brilliant, it holds the wood firm and allows the children to feel in control and all the tools are friendly size wise. The kit supports every area of the EYFS from creativity and imagination to mathematical, physical and personal skills such as pride and achievement." - Practical Pre-School Award Testers