Training Tips

Welcome to our Training Tips. We have created useful videos to guide staff in how to introduce tinkering into an early years setting. The 'How to use' collection help staff to understand the real tools and how to best use them. Safety tips remind staff of the importance of small sharp parts, the real tools and the safety of themselves and the children they are educating.  

Tinkering Training Tip - 1 - Why T4Kids?

Tinkering Training Tip - 2 - Safety Matters

 Tinkering Training Tip - 3 - How to use the unique T4Kids Clamp Board.

Tinkering Training Tip - 4 - How to use the modified 8oz Stubby claw hammer

Tinkering Training Tip - 5 - How to use the Hand drill

Tinkering Training Tip - 6 - How to change the drill bit in the hand drill

Tinkering Training Tip - 7 - How to use the sanding block