Welcome to our 'Tinkering for Kids' website. This site is dedicated to the tools, resources and work wear to enable younger children to have a learning experience by tinkering. We also offer support  to staff to enable them to offer a rich learning experience through introducing our products to their settings. Take a look at our Tinkering Training Tips for some pointers!

What is tinkering?

Tinkering is about making things or fixing thinks with basic tools. It is a hands-on practical activity, that Early Years children just love.

Why do children love it? Because they're using real tools - not toys - real tools. They're being trusted to follow instructions, work safely and make fun things! 

We have researched and tried-and-tested all sizes and shapes of tools to find ones just right for Early Years hands. Important safety messages for these woodworking activities can be re-enforced with bright work-wear and safety glasses, which all help to set safe boundaries around this supervised activity.

Our award winning sets are ideal for 'pack away' organisations, as our unique T4Kids Clamp Boards make woodworking a table-top activity for the first time. No need for large expensive work benches!  

Tinkering - real tools, real wood, real work-wear, REAL FUN!




Some Early Years Settings that are already benefiting from T4Kids Sets: 


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