Nursery World Show 2016

T4Kids is a brand new company, but we managed to pull everything together to exhibit at the Nursery World show 2016 in February.

This was the first time that we had manned a stand at a trade show. The stand looked bright and cheerful with all the yellow around and the feedback from the 2 day event was fantastic! Our visitors were so inspiring and yet they said we had inspired them!. Many people shared some of the challenges that they had had trying to find real tools for their Early Years setting - the wrong size tools, wood too hard, staff not knowing what to do. All music to our ears as these were the exact challenges we had set our to overcome.  

Everyone loved our wood rounds including the smell - being untreated they just smell of fresh new wood. Gorgeous.

Some of our visitors were so excited, the bought whole kits off the stand even if they had train journeys ahead. 

We had such good fun we have signed up for another show:-)


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